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Pasadena City College - PCC

Pasadena City College Website
Pasadena City College, founded in 1924 as Pasadena Junior College, was one of the earliest junior colleges in the Southwest United States. Its faculty, graduates, and former students, now numbering in the hundreds of thousands, have contributed greatly to business, education, industry, the professions, and most other aspects of American society.

Emergency SMS Text Message Alert System
Pasadena City College participates in an emergency alert sytem using SMS messaging (text/short messaging service). Text messages are sent to subscribers mobile devices communicating critical campus updates to students, staff and faculty in real-time. No more than 30 messages (emergency alerts) a month will be sent to subscribers.

PCC teachers earn nearly $4 million in bonus pay
The highest teacher’s salary was $196,050, a PCC paycheck second only to that of college President Mark Rocha, whose $261,845 in 2011 income included a one-time moving stipend. Twenty-seven other full-time teachers earned between $140,000 and $174,000 last year.

Find out how much PCC teachers get paid - Pasadena City College Employee Compensation for 2011
After paying out more than $4 million in bonuses to faculty and staff, Pasadena City College has been forced to cut classes to save money. The community college district salaries and bonuses can be found at PCC's website or use our online database at the above link.

Pasadena City College cancels winter sessoin, moves up Spring amid protests
August 30th , 2012 the new 2012-13 calendar, which moves up the start of spring semester to fill the void left by canceling the winter period, was approved on a temporary basis, giving administrators a chance to bring the changes to the negotiating table with the PCC Faculty Association.

Pasadena City College new Academic Calendar
September 6th , 2012 the three-term schedule would be a return to the calendar that was in place before 2003 and reestablish fall, spring, and summer terms that would give Pasadena City College faculty and staff more flexibility in offering classes students need to transfer or complete a degree or certificate. For more information, please go to here.

California Institute of Technology - Caltech

Caltech's Website
The mission of the California Institute of Technology is to expand human knowledge and benefit society through research integrated with education. We investigate the most challenging, fundamental problems in science and technology in a singularly collegial, interdisciplinary atmosphere, while educating outstanding students to become creative members of society.

Brief History
In September 1891, Pasadena philanthropist Amos Throop rented the Wooster Block building in Pasadena for the purpose of establishing Throop University, the forerunner of Caltech. By 1921, Hale had been joined by chemist Arthur A. Noyes and physicist Robert A. Millikan. These three men set the school, which by then had been renamed the California Institute of Technology, firmly on its new course.

Caltech Streaming Lectures
Using iTunes you can watch many free lectures available from Caltech's Streaming Theater.

Einstein's personal papers, revealing the scientist and the man, available on new website
For the first time, the complete catalog of documents from Caltech's Einstein Papers Project has been opened to the public, with a new website, The website is a joint project of Caltech and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem - which Einstein helped found - and starts out with 7,000 pages linked to his scientific, public and personal life up to 1921.

Art Center College of Design

Art Center College of Design Website
Art Center was founded in 1930 in downtown Los Angeles as the Art Center School. The school moved to its trademark Hillside Campus in Pasadena in 1976. They have an international reputation for rigorous, transdisciplinary curriculum, faculty of professionals, strong ties to industry and a commitment to socially responsible design.

From wooded acres in the San Rafael Hills to adaptive reuse in downtown Pasadena, Art Center’s two campuses provide future artists and designers with a wide array of creative learning opportunities.

Hillside Campus
1700 Lida Street, Pasadena, CA 91103

South Campus
950 South Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91105

Always On
AlwaysOn was created to support the creative community personally and professionally by providing a global platform for art and design leaders to share perspectives on contemporary issues, changing practices and emerging trends. AlwaysOn features select presentations by Art Center College of Design's renowned faculty and celebrated guest speakers intended for everyone interested in art and design.

March 6, 2012 - Art Center buys former Postal Service building to expand South Campus
The building, a former United States Postal Service office, was purchased by Art Center through alumni donations and is part of a five-year strategic plan to reinvent the college’s vision for teaching art and design.

Fuller Theological Seminary

Fuller Theological Seminary Website
An accredited Christian educational institute with its main campus in Pasadena, California and several satellite campuses in the western United States. Since its founding by radio evangelist Charles E. Fuller in 1947, Fuller Seminary has equipped students to be leaders with a mind for scholarship and heart for the gospel.

Providence Christian College

Providence Christian College
The college was incorporated in the state of California on November 12, 2002. On May 1, 2010, the college’s board of directors voted unanimously to move the college from Ontario to Pasadena, California, where it took up residence on the campus of William Carey International University. Classes were held on the campus for the first time Fall 2010. It is located at 1539 E Howard St, Pasadena.

Providence to merge with Georgia College
Providence Christian College, a small liberal arts institution in north Pasadena, announced it plans to merge with a larger college in Georgia that shares its Reformed theology.