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Measure H (Los Angeles County Plan to Prevent and Combat Homelessness)
Measure H in 90 Seconds

Arguments against Measure H:
The unions will push to get this passed. Private donations and groups/churches provide excellent care for the homeless, but the main reason to vote against measure H is the allocation of money, once again.  These bills are passed, brilliantly, under the guise of helping the homeless, but are really used to pay for pensions and the increasing costs of the unions.  As with the schools/children and now the homeless, they are being used as a ploy.

Here are some other arguments against:

•This money will go to the same homeless organizations that let homelessness get out of hand in the first place.
•Homeless organizations and charities have plenty of money, but they don’t spend it well.
•The 10,000 units of promised housing is only a fourth of what is needed to house LA County’s homeless. So homelessness will continue even if these Measures are implemented.
•The increase will makes already high sales taxes even higher.