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Home Automation


Insteon vs X10, Zigbee and Z-Wave - Best home automation
Comparison of the best low cost home automation options.


CT5 Current Sensor
This Current Sensor can determine the power state of a component by detecting the difference in current drawn by the component when it is either ON or OFF and to generate a status signal that can be used to control other equipment. Use this system to turn on your home theater speaker system when you turn on your television. Use this to send a page when your doorbell rings. Know when your air conditioner is running. The uses are endless. Buy it today!

CM15 Antenna Modification
Here's how to modify the CM15 with an RF connector enabling you to add an external antenna.

CM15 Antenna
Here's how to build an external antenna that improves the range from 30 ft to 150 ft.


Indigo Software
Excellent software for Insteon devices. Manages scenes well. With the touch of one button can turn every light on in the house and at a preset level of brightness.


Light-O-Rama Light Controller and Software
Inexpensive hardware and software for do-it-yourself lighting automation.


DMX Light Controllers and Software
Industry standard for multiple input and output light controlls.